International medical graduate

My family and I moved to Nova Scotia recently due to a job opportunity. I am an international medical graduate and my previous work permit had expired making our immigration status complex to say the least.

Elizabeth Wozniak and her team met with us and found a solution to our case in a quick and efficient manner. They kept us up to date with the process and before we knew it I had my new work permit. I am so glad I brought my case to Elizabeth and her team. I would recommend her services, particularly to anyone that feels their case is complex.

D.M. (physician) and family

Corporate immigration work for client experiencing rapid international growth

One of our clients is a global reinsurance company with a major presence in Halifax. During the last five years that presence has gone from under 10 employees to over 100. The rapid growth and specialized skill requirements has in many instances, challenged them to recruit talented individuals of various nationalities and circumstance from around the globe.

Quoting their HR Manager “We have been fortunate to have been able to rely on Elizabeth Wozniak and Lori Hill throughout this period to provide top-rate immigration advice and support. They exhibit a keen understanding of the immigration process and underlying regulatory environment. Their work is always of the highest quality and they understand the operational requirements of our business; but what sets them apart from others is their responsiveness to our needs and the personal commitment that they make to getting the job done for their clients.

J.L., Human Resources Manager, Halifax

Humanitarian Application

A few years ago we were looking for a lawyer for my parents to prepare their applications for Citizenship and Immigration Canada to let them stay in Canada on humanitarian basis. It was not easy – most of the lawyers have been very skeptical about the chances of our humanitarian application. Elizabeth Wozniak was the only lawyer we have found, who had the experience we were looking for and she was ready to help us. I was pleasantly surprised by her highly professional approach to my parent’s case. And we were very happy when my parents received their permanent residence visas just in a year as a normal waiting time for that decision usually was much longer. Now we always recommend Elizabeth Wozniak to my Russian friends as the best immigration lawyer we know.

A.L and O.L. Halifax

Federal Investor Class – help every step of the way

My wife and I recently immigrated to Canada with the assistance of Elizabeth Wozniak. We had met with two other immigration attorneys who were recommended to us over the past several years to assess our situation.  When we were ready to begin the immigration process, we found them to be extremely unresponsive in returning emails and telephone calls. That’s when we turned to Elizabeth Wozniak and her associate, Lori Hill.

We found them to be very responsive, honest and straightforward. With their assistance, we submitted our applications for permanent residence in the fall of 2008 and became landed immigrants in May of 2010.  Along the way, we found them to be very easy to work with and helpful in every regard.  They answered our questions promptly and accurately and were able to provide information on the status of our application. Upon completion of the immigration process, Elizabeth Wozniak. provided refunds of fees where appropriate along with a comprehensive breakdown of all expenses incurred.

After we landed this year, we ran into a problem in receiving our permanent resident cards due to a backlog at the Sydney, Nova Scotia government processing center. After getting nowhere with the immigration office ourselves, we asked Elizabeth for help.  She was able to work with her contacts with the immigration office to break the backlog and we were able to get our permanent residence cards within a week.  Based on our very positive experience with them, we would not hesitate to recommend Elizabeth Wozniak and Lori Hill for your immigration needs.

Sincerely, D.L. and T.L.

Family class immigration matter

We found Lori Hill through the yellow pages, so initially, we were not sure what to expect. However, after our initial meeting with her, we felt comfortable with her and we came out with this quiet assurance that she could get the job done even without her making any promises. Shortly after we decided to engage her services for a family class immigration matter, we found out she had worked successfully with a mutual friend of ours. This gave us further confidence, and we were not disappointed. We found her to be very knowledgeable in the aspects of the law dealing with our case and her services to be very efficient. She developed a strategy that was simple and effective in demonstrating evidence that supports the spirit of the law in our case. We would strongly recommend Lori to anyone who requires legal advice on family class immigration matters.  In Lori you will find a genuine and hard working person, who is easy to get along with, and would do her home work and is focused on achieving positive results.

Thank You

I appreciate the information, advice and time you have given me. It has sincerely helped me get through this process. Your down to earth nature, your kind approach and your expertise have been invaluable. You’re truly one of a kind and a rarity in your field.

J.D.  June 2011

Business Class (self-employed writer)

When I first started my immigration application process, I was profoundly disappointed in the quality of immigration legal services I received. Then, I had a chance conversation with friends who had started their application process after me but already had papers.  Another friend mentioned Liz and I turned to her in desperation. She took over my case and everything immediately changed. I realized I was now dealing with a professional person I could trust. Liz helped me out enormously and I am forever in her debt. I can only use superlatives to express my appreciation of her work and her support.

D.L.  June 2011

Medical Inadmissibility & Humanitarian Application

In the spring of 2010, I discovered that my recently widowed mother who lived in Maine by herself, with no other family nearby, had begun to show signs of dementia.  During a visit that July, it became apparent that she should not be alone any longer and after 3 weeks of fast tracked visits to doctors, lawyers, psychologists, and judges in Maine, we were awarded guardianship and brought her into Canada on a visitor’s visa that unfortunately, only allowed her to stay for 4 months while we stabilized her medications.

Panicked and not sure where to turn next, we called a local government agency and they told us, with no empathy whatsoever, that “we might as well pack her up in the car and take her back to Maine now, because there was no way Canada would allow her to stay here with her condition.”  Heartbroken and desperate not to send her back to Maine and place her in residential care with no family to protect her, we turned to our neighbour who is a prominent lawyer in Halifax.  She immediately recommended that we contact Liz Wozniak , explaining that Liz was very experienced with the immigration process.

Little did we know that Liz and Lori would be our saving grace to help us through it all.  Liz immediately took my call and was so kind and thorough in explaining that there was an option called humanitarian immigration and kindly explained all that it would entail.  Through the entire process, we were handled with the utmost care and professionalism, as they arranged for mom’s visitor’s visa to be extended, while the application process was underway and navigated through the confusing maze of immigration forms and processes for us…something we would have never been able to have done on our own.

My mom was able to obtain her Permanent Residence status in an amazing 9 months. We will always be eternally grateful that we found Liz and Lori and for all they have done for us.  We highly recommend them to anyone needing this service.  Rest assured that you will be in the very best of hands.

K.F., Halifax, March 2012

Provincial Nominee Application and Overseas Spouse

We were in a very difficult situation trying to get our permanent residence in Canada until we contacted Elizabeth’s office. Prior to calling Elizabeth, we had a different immigration lawyer for over a year, living everyday in fear not knowing our fate.

Elizabeth and Lori helped us contact CIC, did a great job with helping my spouse get here on visitor visa and in a matter of 2 months, our permanent residence application was finalized. They have their clients’ interests at heart and are relentless in their efforts.

They have both the knowledge and compassion required to help with immigration matters.

A.K. and R.D., April 2013

Litigation and Family Immigration

Elizabeth Wozniak successfully represented me between 2006 and 2013 on two different legal matters and during those years provided me with invaluable legal advice.  She is an intelligent, talented, driven and reliable lawyer and consistently delivers legal representation of the highest quality. Besides being a great pleasure to work with, I highly recommend her to anyone seeking high standard and no nonsense legal advice.

W.B., February 2014

Provincial Nominee Program – Intent to Refuse

We applied for nomination under the Community Identified Stream. The NS Office of Immigration was about to turn our application down for reasons we could not agree with. Elizabeth Wozniak took over and things started to turn around quickly. We received our nomination just four weeks later. Thanks again Elizabeth for your great work and tremendous efforts!

S.D., December 2014

Update from the above client: 

A BIG thanks to all of your team. Every question was always answered immediately and 100% correct. It took Vienna only six months to finalize our PR application, which was surely also due to the fact that your team prepared and handeled our case absolutely professional. You even went the extra mile and dropped our landing documents off at the airport the day we flew back to Canada from a weekend trip in the US. We are so glad that the whole process is over now and we are PRs. We will get back to you in a few years for Citizenship.

S.D., November 2015

International Graduate with permanent, full-time job offer in Canada

My Canadian immigration process was supposed to be simple. But it got all complicated: the rules changed and suddenly nothing was simple anymore. I approached another lawyer who came highly recommended but after several months, there was no traction on my application. I started to get frantic. Finally, I confronted the lawyer who presented options to me that included (1) leaving the country and waiting to return after they submitted an application for me (2) staying and switching to a tourist visa.

I was fortunate to have a great and supportive employer who said “we’ll figure it out.” The first thing they did was request my file from the previous attorney and handed it over to Elizabeth Wozniak and her team.

Liz, Lori and Cameron immediately put my mind at ease, explained everything to me about the process and what they were going to do. Not only did they make it sound simple, but their can-do attitude also made me believe that all wasn’t lost.

We navigated the legal landscape and it worked out very well – I got a new work permit and then PR without having to leave the country and my job that I moved here for. Since then I have met a few other immigrants who have had similar experiences – they’ve had a terrible experience with a lawyer and then they found themselves in Liz’s capable hands and it all worked out in the end.

So I hope this testimonial can save you going through the other lawyers first – just make this team your first stop, it’ll save you lots of time and you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing that they care about you!

L.M. December, 2015

Worth every cent!

The immigration process is long and daunting, and many times we said to ourselves and others that the help that Lori Hill gave us along the way was worth every cent!

Lori Hill coached my husband and I through every aspect of the spousal sponsorship process, answering our questions knowledgeably or promptly finding the answer to our questions – and we had many!

Lori was not the first immigration lawyer we had tried to deal with, which made us even more grateful to have found her.  The skill with which she ultimately shepherded us through the project made it seem easy, in contrast to other experiences.

During the long wait after sending the application, she remained in contact and stayed on top of our progress.  Often when we started to wonder if there was any movement on the government’s side, an email would pop up from Lori that she was about to request an update.

Another plus is the convenient downtown location of the office, adjacent to the government building,which eliminates parking stress.

Most of all, her confident knowledge and her reassuring manner was comforting during a very difficult and stressful time.  Lori is polite and engaging, sweet and gentle, yet professional.  Her honesty and accuracy about the process we faced gained our confidence and we felt supported by having an advocate and a source of facts.  By the time she accompanied us to the final interview, she was a friend who had seen us through a pivotal and challenging phase of our life.

We wouldn’t hesitate to seek Lori out in the future if any need arises, and we give her the highest recommendation, with no reservations, to anyone embarking on the immigration project.

S. and H.W. January, 2017 

A complicated case with a happy ending

My wife and I reached out to North Star Immigration Law (Elizabeth Wozniak Inc. at the time) back in the summer of 2015 when my Work Permit renewal application was refused. The refusal was a life-changing event to say the least as I immediately had to stop working and all life plans came to a halt; specially that my wife and I were engaged at the time, planning for our marriage and our first home.

To protect our privacy, I won’t be sharing the refusal reason on here but it is strictly accurate to say that it was for a circumstance that’s beyond our control and of no fault of our own. At that time, I also had a Permanent Residency application in-process and the refusal was an unsettling alarm about the Permanent Residency application as well; since it would face the same destiny as the Work Permit. We were faced with very serious consequences and no options that we were aware of.

We simply found out about North Star Immigration law through the internet, and quite frankly we didn’t have much confidence in having any success since other Immigration law firms we consulted wouldn’t even handle our situation as they concluded that my situation was insurmountable. But refusing to pack everything and leave Canada after 7 years of life here, we went ahead and resorted to North Star Immigration Law for a solution.

We were initially dealing with Cameron MacLean and it was such a relief to have him handle our immigration problems while we dealt with other life issues that resulted from the situation. Cameron communicated knowledge and expertise that helped build our trust in a very difficult and uncertain time in our lives.

But our situation got much worse before it got any better and Lori Hill had to handle our situation as we had to start a new PR application under a different class. My initial PR application was refused but Cameron applied for a temporary Work Permit that was approved! That was a great relief as I could go back to work and we could have a normal life, at least temporarily. While Lori and Cameron never made a guarantee of the results, they were very confident based on their experience and knowledge that we can eventually get the PR application approved.

But after 2 long years of uncertainty and hardship, the application that Lori filed was approved and I have a PR status! It wasn’t an easy process but Lori walked us through every single step of the way. She demonstrated a very high level of professionalism in dealing with us, Immigration Canada, and other government bodies. She showcased patience and attention to detail while explaining to us different aspects of the process and requirements. She professionally established deliverables (based on her experience from similar cases) that would increase our chances in getting the application approved. At times when those deliverables seemed unattainable to us, let alone the PR application, she would provide instructions (in a very empathetic manner) for us to follow to secure those documents.

We were also impressed by her choice of words in writing letters, knowledge of the law and immigration regulations, her availability to answer questions and concerns despite her business, and managing a great deal of details and countless documents without getting things mixed up.

Ultimately, we believe that God did a miracle for our little family through Lori Hill and her team. We are thankful for them and we are also thankful for the Visa Officers that granted us approval.

F. & L. R. , Nova Scotia, November, 2017