Option A is not available: the new Canadian business immigration program that nobody is talking about

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  1. Owner-operator LMIA
  2. Express Entry
  3. Permanent residence in 6 months

Too simple? Too good to be true? We beg to differ.

Lawyers hate change and we are a nostalgic bunch. So it is no surprise that many of us are still lamenting the end of the old federal business class programs and complaining about the quagmire of the start-up visa and investor pilot programs.

But in our office, we have realized there is no point in bothering to resist change and longing for the good ol’ days. Instead, we are busy helping people who want to start a business in Canada that will create opportunities for themselves and Canadians. No minimum investment required. No sectors excluded. No insane wait times. No uncertainty. You either qualify or you don’t.

There is just no point in holding out for a new stream that is either never going to happen, or like the start-up visa program, is unveiled to much fanfare but when the dust settles, you realize it only applies to unicorns.

As Sheryl Sandburg has written recently in reference to a far more profound circumstance, “Option A is not available. So let’s just kick the shit out of option B.”

Sounds like a plan.