Happy Canada Day Weekend!

It’s a cool and rainy weekend here in Halifax, so might as well do a bit of work and update this blog. It was an odd day today. I went into work which is unusual for me on a Saturday. When I arrived, Lori was at work trying to get through a bunch of spousal applications, her favourites. At one point she showed me the pile and said “this is a lot of love right here, this is all love!”. She’s funny and she’s great at what she does. A few minutes after that, Cam arrived. Cam is our new near-lawyer. He just finished articling in Ontario and joined us June 1. So Cam rolls in, drenched as it had just started down-pouring. Lori and I make fun of his timing for walking to work in torrential rain. He corrects us that he arrived even earlier, did some work and was just taking a break outside when it started pouring.

So there we all were, on a Saturday morning working away.  Not because any of us really had to be there. But we all wanted to be there. I finalized a pile of citizenship applications that will be filed next week – maybe those clients will become citizens on Canada Day…2017. Cam worked on some work permits and Lori worked on the spousals.

Once again, I am feeling very fortunate to be working with great people  in a great space and practicing in an area of law which is valuable and meaningful and interesting and inspiring. Thanks and Happy Canada Day.