Interesting article but it’s the comments that blow my mind

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. But the lack of understanding of the general public (I should say the general public that actually has the time and inclination to post comments on news websites) is so depressing! Fact: Service Canada scrutinizes every single one of those Chinese chef jobs to confirm the position cannot be filled from within Canada. If there were Canadians willing to “fry eggrolls” believe me, Service Canada would not issue LMOs to the employer. Fact: The feds have now made sponsoring parents and grandparents pretty well the lowest priority – it used to take around 6 years, now it is expected to take 8-10. So telling people to just sponsor their family is unfair, especially if those family members have been refused visas to visit in the meantime. Imagine not being able to see your parents for 8-10 years. Fact: There is a tremendous variation in how quickly work permit/visa applications are processed depending on the country you’re in. For example, times can vary from a couple of days (visa exempt countries like the US, France, UK, etc) to a a couple of months (India) to over a year (Vietnam, Philippines), depending on the category. It’s unfair to chalk this up only to the feds doing medical and background checks, etc. It’s about resources – how quickly Canadian embassies can process these applications depends entirely on the number of officers they have working there. Obviously, some countries are lower priority than others. Think about it this way: a Chinese chef with an American passport could get a work permit at the border, but a Chinese chef with a Chinese passport has to wait many months.  Anyway, read the comments and see for yourself: